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The Fit Foodie Life

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The Fit Foodie Life

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The Fit Foodie Lifestyle is about living your life healthy and fit while enjoying the food you love! I have a masters in exercise physiology, and fitness is my passion. I enjoy sharing simple ways to stay healthy with a busy lifestyle. Who doesn’t love eating out and looking good? Let me share my secrets with you.

Do detoxes work

Revealing Reasons Why Detoxes Do Not Work

Detoxes are also known as cleanses and often used interchangeably. These are buzz words...

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20 fitness products

20 Popular Fitness Products to Step Up Your Fall Routine

20 Popular Fitness Products to Step Up Your Fall Routine I select these products....

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gut health

Why Gut Health is Important and 6 Ways to Improve it

Let’s face it our society is obsessed with having flat washboard abs, but our...

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The Fit Foodie Guide

10 Traits of a Successful Fit Foodie

How to Live The Fit Foodie Life One of the main things that keep...

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bee pollen

6 Exciting Benefits of Bee Pollen

Bee pollen is considered one of the most potent superfoods. It contains most nutrients...

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