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10 Essentials You Need For Fit Girl Fall

October means more than pumpkin spice and Halloween; it’s time for fit girl fall. In my opinion, fall is the best time to jump into a new fitness routine or step up your already existing one because the weather is pleasant enough to enjoy an outdoor workout. We all need to look and feel our best while improving our lifestyle. Here are ten essentials you need for a fit girl fall.

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Happy Viking Superfood

Happy Viking just released their new superfood powder just in time for fall! This plant-based protein provides everything you need in one shake to fuel your workouts. It even includes 20 grams of complete protein to hit your daily goals. Tip: My favorite flavor is vanilla! Try it for $15 off with my code HVHEATHER.

Yoga/Workout Mat

Invest in a good yoga mat for your fit girl fall activities. Yoga mats are used for more than just yoga classes but are helpful for all outdoor workouts. I like to have two different ones—one for actual yoga classes and one for outdoor activities, that I do not mind getting dirty and worn.

Workout mat examples:

Walking Shoes

Every fit girl needs a good pair of walking shoes. When the fall time hits, I like to get fresh air outside and go for brisk walks. Walking has numerous benefits, and it’s the perfect outdoor activity. Go on a beautiful hiking trail with a good shoes to support your day.

Pique tea

With the changing weather, I always want to drink something hot and comforting. But there is more. Not only does pique tea provide great teas, but essential vitamins to support your immunity and radiance. Kick that pumpkin spice habit and reach for this high-quality tea.

Daily Immunity Packets

It contains vitamin C and elderberry to support immunity and brighten the skin from the inside out.

Sun Goddess Matcha

Switch your PSL for some goddess energy with their green tea matcha! It is the perfect substitute while supporting healthy skin. Check out this coffee detox kit with everything you need to make the switch.

Fit Girl Fall by Meg the Stallion

I would be remiss if I did not mention the fit girl fall curation of Meg the Stallion and Nike. When you have an outfit you feel good in, you are more likely to want to work out. I love this rust-colored set that matches the colors for fall and provides high-level lux technology for quick drying and body sculpting.

Faux Leather Leggings

We need to look good in our workouts and every day. I love a good liquid faux leather legging that can look dressy but not sacrifice comfort. Check out these leggings by Alo, fashionable and functional.

Outdoor Layers

Layers are essential in the fall. Sometimes you start outdoors a little chilly, but by the time your workout revs up, you can ditch the jacket. I like this breathable jacket that I can keep on my entire workout.

At Home Fitness App

Sometimes the weather gets nasty in the fall, and it’s not ideal for outdoor workouts. If you do not feel like leaving the house, try a fitness app that helps you feel like you’re right there in class. Obe fitness offers a wide range of classes that are live and on-demand. They recently made an exciting edition by including Ride, a high-intensity, low-impact cycling class to the beat of instructor-selected music.

Scroll through an entire library of classes from beginner to advanced while connecting with teachers live! Listen carefully; they might even call your name out! Try them now, and receive a free trial and 50% off your first month using code HEATHER50.

Skincare Routine

You need the perfect skincare routine to replenish your skin after a great sweat session. Try the Detox Me sweat clearing mask to add moisture back to your skin and prevent post-sweat breakouts with the changing weather.

Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is a little easier with this self-cleaning water bottle by LARQ. Cleaner water and keeps your gut health intact by eliminating harmful bacteria and contaminants.

How will you take advantage of fit girl fall? Leave me a comment and share the details!


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    Love this roundup! My mind is blown reading about the self cleaning water bottle ?!?

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    Yes! It’s the that cool? I hate cleaning water bottles too lol

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