15 Free Ways to Workout at Home For a Limited Time

With all the gyms closed until further notice, you may find yourself antsy at home. Don’t fall victim to the #Quarauntine15! I have gathered a list of 15 online and in-person fitness programs adapting to offer their programs online. Now is the time to try that workout you have been putting off. Snag your chance to try them for free for a limited time.

According to the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, we should be getting 150 minutes per week. With limited resources, these programs have made it simple to shelter in place and still stay active:

1. Daily burn:

Free trial for 60 days:

Offers 16 different exercise types from pregnancy specific to high intensity; there is something for everyone.

2.  Peleton
Free trial for 90 days -cycling, running, yoga, outdoor, and strength. You do not need to purchase their equipment to enjoy these workouts!
 If you like it, it costs 12.99 a month after the free trial. Find the app here.
3. Centrfit with Chris Hemsworth
Six weeks free for new users until March 31st.
Centrfit is a program created by Chris Hemsworth with a team of fitness and nutrition gurus.
Users will have access to personalized digital health and fitness programs. Their workouts range from beginner to advanced and include over 500 recipes. Users have access to a private Facebook community.
The program costs $10 a month after the free trial.
4. Class Pass Live:
Class Pass gives users access to several gyms and fitness studios. Because of temporary gym closures, class pass is providing access to 2,000 audio and visual workouts. Check them out here.
5. Barry’s Bootcamp:
Have you heard of Barry’s Bootcamp? Well, now it is your chance to try it for free! They are offering workouts live on their Instagram 2x daily, one with equipment and one with minimal equipment needed.
6. Soul Cycle:
With the studios closing internationally, SoulCycle has adapted by offering free live workouts with their trainers off the bike on Instagram for 30-45min. Just log on to their Instagram for details.
7. Yoga six:
Offering a free schedule of classes on Facebook live two times daily! Check-Out their Instagram for more information.
8. Arnold Schwarzenegger:
Offering his free 9-move at-home bodyweight workout! Check it out here
Don’t forget the proper form. He even posted a guide!
9. Orangetheory Fitness:
Offering 30-minute at-home workouts daily. You will need minimal equipment and instructors provide innovative ways to use household items for equipment at home.
Find the workouts here.
10. Lululemon:
Offering free live stream yoga classes on Instagram live for yoga, at-home workouts, meditation, and self-care tips. Check out their Instagram for details!
11. CorePower Yoga:
Free Live stream classes daily and members can enjoy unlimited access to classes online on-demand. Enjoy the unlimited access free for the first week and 19.99 after that.
12. Fitness Blender:
Free short and long workouts on demand ranging from cardio, strength, and stretching. Check them out here.
13. Nike Training Club:
Free workouts from basic to advanced. Ranging from yoga to HIIT. Nike Training Club offers an extensive library of exercises for free always. Their premium program provides classes from master trainers. Currently, their premium program is free for anyone to use until further notice!
14. Bar Method:

Bar Method mainly meeting in person, but they offer a 14-day free trial to their on-demand bar online classes that range from 15-60 minutes. With the current orders to close gyms, Bar Method adapted with streaming through Facebook live for members. It is easy to sign up by contacting a local studio to receive access for a fee.

15. YMCA:
Offering YMCA 360, an online community program with classes for all ages. The classes range from Bootcamp to Tai Chi that are available from most devices that use the internet.
Now that you have 15 different options to choose from, there is no excuse! Although many of these workouts are adaptable with items from home, check out this list for inexpensive ways to purchase the suggested items for these workouts.


  1. Thanks for sharing this! I was literally just thinking to myself this morning that I need to take advantage of working from home to actually workout lol

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