The Ultimate 5-Day Lisbon Itinerary For A Girls’ Trip

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All the gorgeous girls go to Lisbon! This was my second trip here, and I did it as a girls’ trip this time, making it a completely different experience. Make sure you pick the right group of girls for a fun time. Here is the ultimate 5-day Lisbon Itinerary for a girls’ trip.

This post contains affiliate links in which I may earn a commission should you decide to purchase. All of these recommendations are ones I’ve personally experienced!

Is 5-days in Lisbon too much?

In my opinion, it is just right. There is so much to do here and explore you can fill the day up quickly based on your interests. Both trips I did were five days to Lisbon, and I still missed some activities. For more information about my other trip, read 5 Reasons to Visit Lisbon Portugal Now. For this Lisbon itinerary, we focused on more group-friendly activities for different age ranges.

Is Lisbon Safe

Lisbon is very safe to walk around at night or explore solo. I never once felt unsafe or ran into people that were rude in any way, and I did not feel like people were trying to scam me. The locals are very genuine pleasant people.

Getting Around Lisbon

Transportation is very easy and inexpensive to get around Lisbon. They have several options for transport that fits all of your needs. Here are some of the ways we got around Lisbon.

  • Uber- Traveling from the airport was only about 10-15 euros to the city center.
  • Free Now- An alternative to Uber with the same concept
  • Hop-on-Hop Off Bus to sightsee and get a ride
  • Tram- Takes you up and down the steep hills of the city
  • The train- you can take the train to Sintra or Cascais
  • Taxi- This is always an option, but we mostly used Uber, and free now!

Where to Stay

We stayed at an Airbnb right in the city center, close to the nightlife and all the restaurants. Our Airbnb was 5 bedrooms and was spacious, had two restaurants on either side, and was very walkable to other places. You can choose to stay in Chiado, Baixa, Bairro Alto, Alfama, and Belem to be close to the hot things to do.

Day one

On the first day of our Lisbon itinerary, we arrived late morning on a Wednesday and had the whole day ahead of us. After checking into our Airbnb, we explored the town on foot. Here are some of the things we did.

Lunch at Adega do Tagarro

Adega do Tagarro was next to our Airbnb and had delicious seafood! Their lunch special was reasonable, about 8.50 euros for a meal and delicious sangria. The same waiter was friendly when we walked in and out of the Airbnb apartment and even took pictures for us.

La Putaria

So La Putaria is a fun one to check out with adult-themed desserts. I will let the pictures explain themselves. It is a waffle base with chocolate or vanilla dip and toppings! It was fun to eat.

Time Out Market

Time Out Market was bustling with people, and there was a live DJ playing. Time Out Market was about a 10-minute walk from our stay, and we stopped to take pictures at the famous tram 28 hill on the way. There is something for everyone here. But you will have to keep an eye out for seating on a busy night it was like a race to find enough seating for the group. I ate at Croqueteria with their 9 euro special, which included wine, three croquets, a salad, and a side. I then went to the wine bar and tried sangria.

Day two

Sintra and Solo Photoshoot

Day two of our girls’ trip to Lisbon itinerary was a split day. The girls took a tour to Sintra; because I’ve already done the tour of Sintra, I opted to spend the day solo shooting with my favorite Lisbon photographer, Shoot Me Lisboa.

He does a great job shooting solo travelers and directs you to get the best shot. We shot at the viewpoint in Alfama Largo Portas do Sol. It was breathtaking, and I loved the pictures. They love their viewpoints in Lisbon! They celebrate the sunrise and sunset, and this point is a gorgeous one.

Exploring Solo

After the shoot, I went to eat at Fauna & Flora, a popular brunch spot. It was crowded, but I sat down immediately since I was alone. The food is healthy and plant-based friendly, and I would suggest making reservations. After walking around all day, my feet were tired, so I opted to go on a non-walking tour.

Walking around the shops of Chiado

Chiado is like the shopping center of the city. There were many options from luxury stores like Hermes, local shops, or familiar shops like Zara. In addition, you can exchange euros in Rossio Square and check out the popular Santa Justa Lift.

Hop-on-Hop Off Bus

I decided to take a red double-decker tour bus to see the sights while relaxing. It was only 20 euros for a 24-hour pass; it was well worth it. I chose the red track, which took me to Belem.

All-you-can-eat vegan buffet

A little up the street from La Putaria was an all-you-can-eat vegan buffet, daTerra Bairro Alto. I was craving fresh vegetables and something healthy, so this hit the spot! The buffet was filling and about 15 euros which did not include drinks or dessert.

Dinner with everyone

We ended the night at Boa-Bao, a trendy Asian restaurant in the city’s center. I would highly recommend making reservations. We took a risk and did not for 11 people. We waited about an hour, but they allowed us to order drinks from the window while waiting. The food was excellent. I ordered G10, the salmon “bulgogi” marinated in Korean pear juice with Asian vegetables.

Day 3

Wine Tour in Torres Vedras

Day 3 of our Lisbon itinerary was by far my favorite. We took a private wine tour at the Quinta Da Almiara family winery. They picked us up in air-conditioned Mercedes vans, and we traveled to the winery in Torres Vedras, about 40 minutes outside of Lisbon.

We traveled around in Jeeps while touring this picturesque landscape and tasting six wines at different locations along the winery. This winery tour is an experience that is unique and classy. They fed us delicious tapas and gave us an opportunity to purchase their wines to take home. They only sell them in bulk, so you have to visit there to get the personal wines. We booked the tour through Get Your Guide.

Dinner at Casa Reia

We headed to the beaches of Costa da Caparica to Casa Reia, a beachside restaurant and beach club. We watched the sunset and sat at our table for delicious seafood and live music. The décor reminded me of Tulum. I ordered the fire-roasted seafood rice, and it was terrific. Another person in my group got the sea bass, a huge portion that two people could share. Another interesting dish I tried was a deconstructed cheesecake with a bit of spice. It was an exciting mix of flavors.

Rooftop Bar

We checked out the rooftop bar within walking distance from our stay called Park. It is a six-story walk-up, so be prepared. They play hip hop music, but it was not current—songs like getting jiggy with it and old jay-z. I heard nothing new, but the views are lovely!

Day 4

Boat Day on the Tagus

Day 4 of our Lisbon Itinerary was on the water! We booked a beautiful catamaran that fit 18 people. It was very reasonable, and we paid about $100 each for 11 people. The boat had the option of 4-8 hours, and we chose 4 hours and wished we had stayed longer. The tour began at 10 am, and they fed us a full lunch with an open beer and wine bar. We had a fantastic time.

Ride bikes along the river in Belem

After the boat, we rented electric bikes and rode along the river’s edge bike path in Belem. After disembarking the catamaran, we got them right by the dock and followed the pathway. It was great to make stops to see notable sites along the way, like the Belem Tower or the viewpoint on top of the Electric Museum.

Dinner at SUD Lisboa

You have to book reservations at Sud Lisboa. It is a nice luxury experience that won’t hurt your pockets! We split the bill equally on our trip, making the cost easier on our wallets. SUD overlooks the Tagus, and the views are worth it. We ordered a host of dishes and had excellent service. It was tough for us to choose what to eat, and the staff was patient. Here is what we ordered:


  • Artisanal Burrata
  • Cheese board
  • Pesto Pasta
  • Pan-seared Sirloin
  • John Dory over Black Rice
  • Goatling Leg
  • Creme Brulee
  • SUD Tiramisu

Everything was delicious with big portions!


This is your sign to visit SUD Lisboa! Beautiful views and delicious views. A five star experience. I am wearing a dress by @misslolaofficial #lisbonportugal #lisbonrestaurants #blackgirltiktok #traveltok #sudlisboa #vlog #cameraroll #traveltips #travel #portugal #lisbon #blackgirlluxury #traveltiktok #blogger #travelvlog #luxurylifestyle

♬ Believe Me – Navos

Karaoke with Black in Portugal

We ended this very long day with karaoke at 45 Sao Bento with the group black in Portugal. Their goal is to bring black people who have either recently moved to Lisbon or traveling together for fellowship.

Day 5

Morning Spa

On the final day of our Lisbon itinerary, the theme was relaxation. We booked a spa day at Bspa by Karin Herzog, located in the Altius Grand Hotel in Belem. They had several packages that were extremely reasonable. There were different package tiers, and most of us chose the highest one for 75 euros which included a facial or a massage, access to the thermal garden, and a rooftop pool. We stayed there for about three hours and the rooftop had the best view of the river walk and Belem.

LX Factory

We headed to lunch and shopping at the Sunday market in the LX factory. It is an artistic area with restaurants, bars, and local vendors. We ate at A Praca, a Portuguese-style restaurant with ample seating and great sangria. After lunch, we shopped at the local vendors at the Sunday market behind the restaurants.

Beach Day/Sunset at Casablanca Beach Bar

We ended the day at the Casablanca Beach Lounge, renting cabanas until sunset. The beach bar is located at the Costa da Caparica beaches. The cabanas were only 10 euros each, and we could use them until 7 pm and move to the restaurant area after. We ordered two pitchers of mixed drinks, the mojito, and the caipirinha. The caipirinha pitcher was stronger than the mojito and had a more citrusy flavor. The beach menu is different from their restaurant menu, and I ordered off the restaurant menu. The seafood fettuccini was a big filling dish; they were nice enough to bring it to the beach for me.

Leaving Lisbon

I left Lisbon the following day, and it was an easy process. I got to the airport about 2 hours before my flight took off, and it was enough time. You will need to go to terminal 1 for international travel. The only issue was the screen showed my flight was delayed, and it ended up boarding on time. I suggest you sit at the gate even though your flight may be delayed to ensure you don’t miss any changes.

What should I not miss in Lisbon?

This 5-day Lisbon itinerary is based on my group’s interest and can be easily duplicated for solo travel or couples. If you are trying to decide between the notable things to do, here are my recommendations of the must-see items to add to your Lisbon itinerary.

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