7 Clever Ways to Drink More Water

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We already know why you need to drink more water, but it may be easier said than done for some. You might have the best intentions to increase your water intake but fall short every time. Whatever your reasons are, here are seven clever ways to drink more water.

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Small Doses

People set a goal to get 3 liters of water a day, which is roughly one gallon. If the gallon intimidates you, break it into smaller portions. Take the gallon and pour it into a smaller cup. Refill the cup each time it is empty until you finish your gallon.

Carry It With You

Always have a bottle of water with you wherever you are, so you can be reminded to drink it. There are many reusable water bottles available that are inexpensive and easy to carry. Plus, it is better for the environment too!

Flavor It

Infuse it with fruit

Sometimes people have a hard time drinking water because it is too plain. You can fix this by infusing it with fruits and vegetables. There are personal water infusers you can get to add flavor to your water all day. Infused water will make it more tolerable for you to drink water and a healthier alternative to juice.

Add BCAA’s

Adding Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) is another way to flavor your water without adding extra calories. For those that exercise regularly, BCAAs help you recover and build muscle. It is a win-win situation.


Adding tea to your water helps boost the nutritional value and make the water more palatable if you have water taste problems. My favorite thing to do is to add Pique life teas and drink powders to my water. Besides the matcha, their B•T fountain beauty electrolyte drink hydrates from within, giving you a youthful glow. If you want to try them out, check my code FITFOODIE to spice up your water.

Set a Timer

It’s easy to get caught up in a busy schedule and forget to drink more water throughout the day. Set an alarm to remind you to drink water. Developing a plan will train your body to drink more water throughout the day until it becomes a habit.

Motivational Reminders

Motivational bottles are popular these days. These inexpensive bottles mark each level of water with praise each time you reach the goal. They offer them in gallon form or smaller bottles. Many of these bottles have the added benefit of keeping your water cool all day, even if you are in the heat. What more motivation is there than staying hydrated and preventing heat-related issues?

Eat It

Many of the goods you eat hydrate you! Water is not the only thing that hydrates the body. You can increase your hydration with water-rich foods. Water-rich foods aid in hydration and help improve weight loss. To learn more about the foods that are at least 90% water, read The Top 10 Water-Rich Foods That Hydrate You.

Accountability Partner

It is easier to accomplish a goal when you have someone with you. Gather a group of friends that will commit to increasing their water intake. You can download apps to track your water intake for the day. Some like Fitbit offer points, and you can join a challenge to keep you motivated. Take pictures of your progress throughout the day to motivate each other.

Whatever it is you need to do, drink your water daily. Water is often overlooked as a health component, and it is so essential. If you want to find out the exact amount of water you should drink daily, click here.

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