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7 Ways to Use Autumn Honey Tangerines to Survive the Holidays

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The Autumn Honey Tangerine is the tangerine for the holidays! It is available from November 15th to January 14th, so why not incorporate them into your holiday routine? They are easy to peel and sweet like candy, making them the perfect treat. It’s easy to get caught up in the craziness of the holidays and forget about your health goals. Here are seven ways to use Autumn Honey Tangerines to survive the holiday season.

Avoiding overeating

Tangerines are 85% water and help to hydrate you. In addition, they are packed with fiber, helping you keep full. When we are hydrated, we feel less hungry. The fiber and water will help regulate the hunger signals in your body, so before eating that big holiday feast, grab an Autumn Honey Tangerine as an appetizer to help you feel satisfied. And don’t worry about the sugar content; the natural sugar content is perfectly okay for you in moderation.

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Tangerines Protect Your Skin 

The colder temperatures can be harsh on our skin with the dier weather and conditions. Tangerines will help you keep your summer glow with their concentrations of Vitamin C. Vitamin C boosts collagen and antioxidant production. Collagen improves the elasticity of your skin, and the antioxidants help reduce the stress from the elements that speed the signs of aging

Avoid food coma

Tangerines support your digestive system by reducing bloat with their high levels of vitamin A, aiding in nutrient absorption. Vitamin A keeps the digestive tract hydrated and, with the fiber, allows food to pass through your system quickly. In addition, the high amounts of Vitamin C help to absorb iron in your body, allowing you to have more energy. 

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Prevent a Hangover

Tangerines have a natural detoxifying nature because of their alkaline properties. Alkaline foods help to level out the acidity and toxins in the body. In addition, they contain about 3-4 ounces of water per fruit, keeping the body hydrated and full. In addition, according to a study, a Chinese tradition of using tangerines with ginger and brown sugar is proven to prevent hangovers. Read more about it here

Boost Immunity for the Colder Months

Tangerines contain high levels of Vitamin C, about 34% of your daily intake. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps to reduce inflammation and enhances immune cells. The enhancement of the immune cells helps to reduce the duration of the common cold and flu. Read more about boosting your immunity here.

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Tangerines Boost Your Mood

The stress of the holidays may catch up to you, but eating more citrus fruits like Autumn Honey Tangerines may help you feel better. According to a Japanese study, just smelling citrus fruit will put you in a good mood, so keep them handy around the house! Overall, the folate and vitamin B6 contained in tangerines help to boost your mood.

Used for decoration

Tangerines are used traditionally on holidays around the world. In the lunar new year, tangerines represent luck, and the color brings happiness. Citrus fruits like Autumn Honey Tangerines are traditionally used as decoration in the winter months to remind people of warmer days ahead. Finally, tangerines are a Christmas staple. Dry them out, and hang them in your garlands for a pleasant aroma and bright color.

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To find out where you can purchase Autumn Honey Tangerines, head over to the Noble Citrus site here.

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