The 10 Best Fitness Apps to Keep You in Shape This Fall

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The fall brings milder temperatures, making it more pleasant to exercise outdoors or at home. Fitness apps are an excellent resource for getting fit anywhere at your convenience. These apps range from advanced workouts to live workouts at all levels. Here are the ten best fitness apps to keep you in shape this fall.

How to Choose The Best Fitness Apps For You

How do you decide the best health and fitness apps for your goals? The main thing to look for is credibility, and you should seek guidance from people with the proper credentials and certifications as an expert in health and fitness. Here are more things to look out for:


Does the app align with your goals? Some apps are more advanced workouts that you may not be ready for; others help with weight loss. Find an app that keeps you on track based on what you are looking for.


I read many reviews of users’ experiences on the app. Not everyone’s opinion will apply to you, but it’s essential to get a general idea of the app.

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Determine if the cost of the app meets your budget. Many of the apps offer free versions or free trials. Make sure you take full advantage of the accessible components before going all in and paying.


Is the app conducive to your schedule? Do you need equipment for the workouts? Make sure that you have everything available to you before using the program.

Nike Training Club

The Best Free Fitness App

If you are looking for great workouts for free, Nike Training Club is perfect for your needs. They have a wide range of workouts from master trainers that span different fitness levels. I love that many workouts don’t need equipment, but they clearly outline the ones that do. The workouts are accessible at home or the gym.

Obe Fitness

The Best Short Workouts

I use Obe fitness primarily for their short workouts, but this is another app that has a wide range of activities for all levels. From cycling to meditation, this app meets your needs. I love that they offer live or on-demand classes. I usually opt for their 10-15 minute stretching workouts that help with mobility and range of motion. I will even take a quick work break with guided mindful meditation to put me in a better mood. This is one of the paid fitness apps, but you can try it for free with my code: Heather50.

Body by Blogilates

Best Pilates

I love Body by blogilates because the app was started by Cassy Ho, who began as a blogger but is now a full-out fitness guru! If you are into low-impact toning pilates workouts, this app is for you. I love that it comes with a complete workout video library and offers an inexpensive membership at $3.99/month. Cassy is an inspiration on social media too! I would follow her TikTok.


Best Cycling

I’ve personally taken an AARMY class in person, and they are challenging yet fun. If you are into beat riding while feeling like you are dancing on the bike, AARMY is for you. They call it true athlete training and combined with their boot camp, their practice will leave you with a motivating experience. The videography and music set them apart! If you are not sure if you want to dive all the way in, follow their Instagram page for free Friday class opportunities.

Alo Moves

Best Yoga

Not only does alo yoga have some of the best outfits for yoga, but you gain access to their alo moves app with a purchase on their website. That is how I got introduced to the app. Not only does the app offer yoga but other health and fitness modes like strength, barre, sound baths, inversion skills, and mobility.

Peloton: Fitness and Workouts

Best Community

Peloton lead the at-home workout phenomenon with their stationary spin bikes and live classes by celebrity trainers. Although you do not need to have their bike to access the classes, it helps with connecting to the community. One of the main draws of the app and program is the accountability with other people across the nation motivating and supporting each other. Besides cycling, they offer a variety of workout classes to choose from.

Fitplan: Gym & Home Workouts

Best Personal Trainers

Fitplan was rated the #1 Personal Trainer App by The Apple Store. The app has a huge roster of elite trainers with workout programs that you can do at the gym or at home. It makes it easy to feel confident in the gym with a program outlined for you, and you just plug and play. The app comes with a 7-day free trial to explore the programs, then $69.99/year thereafter.

streaming workout


Best Dance Workout

If you are the type of person that struggles to work out Dancebit is a great app to help you workout without feeling like it. The routines are between 7-12 minutes and are for a range of fitness levels. The routines are easy to follow, and you can test the 28-day program out with their 3-day free trial.

Baby2Body: Pregnancy Wellness

Best Pregnancy Fitness

Baby2Body is an app for all the mothers out there. Baby2Body sets itself apart from the other fitness apps out there because of its guidance from fertility all the way up to 3 years post-partum taking you on a healthy journey of motherhood. There are free and premium programs within the app, and have a support group for all of its users.

Running: By Adidas

Best Running App

Running by Adidas is one of the fitness apps that helped me prepare for a 5k. I love how you can set a race goal, and it creates a training program to help you achieve the race goal. It sent me reminders to keep up with my training which helped tremendously. Another plus, they have virtual races to challenge other athletes.

exercising in the heat

With the hundreds of fitness apps available to you, I chose these because of the high user reviews, credible resources, and range of activity. Some of the apps I personally use weekly, and have helped me reach my fitness goals whether I am at home or away. Feel free to let me know your favorite fitness apps in the comments!

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