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Exercise Magic Pill

Are We Surging Closer To Exercise In A Bottle?

I already outlined for you the benefits of exercise as a physical necessity. Without it, you may be shortening your lifespan just by remaining sedentary. In fact, only 23% of Americans get enough exercise for health benefits. One of the main advantages of exercise is its neuroprotective properties, keeping the brain sharp as we age....

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Diversity in Fitness

5 Platforms Cultivating More Diversity and Inclusion in Fitness

5 Platforms Cultivating More Diversity and Inclusion in Fitness A few weeks ago, I wrote “Why The Health and Fitness Industry Needs to Focus on Diversity,” and gave you the reasons why the health and fitness industry lacks diversity. Now, I want to provide you with the resources to achieve a more inclusive environment. When...

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5 Food Cravings

What These 5 Popular Food Cravings Are Telling You

Starting a better lifestyle through nutrition is hard. You try your best to pick the right foods, but then your cravings hit. Boom! You devoured ten pieces of chocolate, and your diet is ruined, right? Wrong. Sometimes when your body craves junk food, it is telling you it is missing something. When you know what...

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Exercise is Medicine

5 Reasons Why You Need to Exercise Immediately

Exercise is Medicine Exercise is generally used as a tool for weight loss, but it is so much more than that. According to healthypeople.gov, only 24.1% of adults are achieving the federally recommended guidelines for aerobics and strength training. That means the vast majority of people are not moving regularly, but here is why your...

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Health and Racism Silence

Why The Health and Fitness Industry Needs to Focus on Diversity

The Health and Fitness Industry Needs To Focus on Diversity I have been to several fitness classes and gyms over the years, spending a big chunk of my discretionary income on health and wellness. Yet one thing has become evident through this time of awakening. Many of my favorite companies and fitness providers lack diversity....

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