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How is The Largest Citrus Fruit With The Highest Natural Sugar Still Good For You?

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What fruit is larger than a grapefruit but has more sweetness? The Pummelo. Pummelos are the largest citrus fruit on earth with the most natural sugar. Although they have high natural sugar content, they are still good for you. Natural and added sugar is not processed the same, so you can still enjoy Pummelos and be healthy. Here is why.

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Natural Sugar vs. Added Sugar

The naturally occurring sugar found in fruit is called fructose. Your body processes natural sugar more slowly, and the added fiber in the fruit helps to regulate your appetite and blood sugar. Added sugar is processed quickly, raising your blood sugar and then causing a quick drop, and when added sugar is not used, it is sent to the liver for fat storage. 

The Health Benefits of Pummelos Outweigh the Natural Sugar Content

Perfect to Eat for Weightloss

Pummelos contain a high volume of food for a small number of calories. Foods with high volume help you stay full and hydrated. Pummelos also contain 5 grams of protein, and protein is essential for success in weight loss because it extends food satiety. 

Highly Nutritious

One Pummelo contains several days’ worth of Vitamin C  and about a quarter of your daily Potassium. Pummelos are great for antiaging and heart health, along with its other nutrients in smaller amounts. In addition, its high amounts of antioxidants protect the body from harmful cells that cause things like visible aging and cancer. 

Great for Muscle Cramps

The magnesium contained in Pummelos helps reduce muscle cramps. Magnesium plays a vital role in muscle contractions, so inadequate amounts may cause cramping. Athletes need ample amounts of magnesium to prevent muscle cramping. Pummelos contain about 9-10% of the amount of magnesium, making for great post-workout food. 


Supports Immunity

Pumelos contain carotenoids that form vitamin A. Vitamin A is vital for vision support and critical cellular functions in the body. These functions include immunity, cell growth and development, and reproduction. The cell functions supported by vitamin A help support essential organ maintenance and may reduce cancer risk. 

High-Fiber Content

A pummelo contains a quarter of a day’s fiber needs. Diets high in fiber assist with healthy digestion, heart health, diabetes, and cancer prevention. In addition, dietary fiber contains good bacteria for a healthy gut

About the Florida Starburst Pummelos

Noble Florida Starburst Pummelos™ are the sweetest of any Pummelo in the US. The juiciness is refreshing and makes for a satisfying snack or meal addition. Knowing that the sweetness is all-natural sugar, you don’t have to feel guilty enjoying this fall favorite. 

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