How to Enjoy Fitness: 7 Tips to Find a Routine

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I see it all the time on my feeds, people asking how do you enjoy fitness? From the outside looking in, it’s hard to wrap your head around that person who seems to love physical activity. The reality is, everyone started in the same place you did, and they just found their sweet spot to learn to enjoy fitness. Here is how to enjoy fitness with seven tips to find a routine.

Change Your Mindset

Stop thinking of exercise as an obligation. When you put negative thinking into a situation, you set yourself up for failure before starting. Think of a reason why you might hate exercise in the first place? Was there an underlying issue that made you stay away from it? Address that issue first to figure out what is holding you back. In addition, It’s important to have gratitude when going into a fitness routine. Gratitude not only has benefits for your health, but it will turn your mindset around for better success.

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Find Things That Inspire You

Reward Yourself

Have you ever heard of fake it until you make it? Whether it’s a new outfit or an incentive reward, do what you need to do to get up and work out. When I buy a new workout set, it makes me 50% more motivated to get in the gym to show it off.

A Motivator

Besides material things, find people or reasons to feel inspired to enjoy fitness. A motivator can be a personal goal or someone you look up to for a healthier you. Find the reason why you want to have a fitness routine and keep a constant reminder.

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A Welcomed Distraction

Take your mind off activity with good music or a podcast. According to a study, music made it 28% more enjoyable to exercise and was higher than 13% of those who listened to a podcast. When I am working out to a good playlist, I imagine I am dancing to the beat to get through the activity faster. Sometimes, I will save a new album or podcast episode specifically for exercise.

Find The Right Workout

Maybe it’s not the idea of exercise but the workout you do not like. My advice for anyone just starting is to try different exercise modes to find something that will keep you going. Even things you might not think are a workout are great forms of exercise. You can join a club sport or fun activity that’s more of a hobby. Find things that bring you happiness instead of dread before you give up.

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Build it Into Your Day

If your issue is time, find the best part of the day where you can make it to a workout. Some people are better at exercising in the morning, midday, or nighttime. Incorporate fitness into your schedule just like you would a work meeting at the best time for you.

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Learn The Benefits

Most people associate exercise with weight loss, but you will get frustrated with not seeing results when you have tunnel vision about what exercise is for. Change your mindset to view exercise as a tool to enrich your life in many areas. Exercise can relieve stress, energize your body, and prevent disease. It is the ultimate form of self-care. When you learn how to refocus your thoughts on how it’s helping you, it will be easier to commit to it.

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Find a Support System

Find a group of friends that have a like-minded view towards fitness. It keeps you accountable when you have gym buddies to meet up with for a workout. It can even be the gym or studio you go to. It’s more motivating when you join a studio where trainers remember you and know when you don’t show up. Find gyms that celebrate their members and provide fun activities. A support system keeps you coming back.

Set Non-Weight-Related Goals

As I said before, fitness is more than weight loss. Focus on those non-scale victories that keep you inspired to keep coming back. It could be registering to compete in an obstacle course for time or a 5k. Look at how your strength improves or how confident you feel in clothing. Setting goals provides more motivation to keep exercise enjoyable.

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