How to Use Meditation For Weight Loss

You have all the tools you need to achieve your weight goals. You work up a good sweat in the gym and have proper nutrition at your fingertips, but you still can’t seem to kick those cravings. When you take time to have balance and indulge, you find yourself binging and overeating. Your cravings seem uncontrollable, and you find it hard to find balance. What is the issue here? Your mindset isn’t right. Recruiting the mind-body connection through meditation and mindful eating can break down the obstacles you face with weight loss.

How Meditation Helps Weight Loss

Meditation is a practice that involves focusing your attention on finding calmness and clarity. Research has shown that meditation helps with weight loss by making you aware of what you are eating. Mindful eating helps to reduce cravings, prevent overeating, and replace the need for comfort eating during stressful times through meditation. Meditation trains the mind to notice the emotions behind binge eating and helps you make a better decision. In addition, you learn how to quiet your mind when cravings arise and put things into perspective. Daily meditation strengthens your commitment to exercise and progression with your goals.

How to Get Started

Meditation and mindful eating does not have to take up too much time from your day. By implementing simple tips, you can get started with a better path to weight loss.

Find a quiet place and focus

The next time you feel over-stressed or cravings take over, take a moment, and reconnect. Focus on your breathing and heartbeat. Tap into your thoughts and ask yourself why you’re feeling a certain way. “Do I need this?” “Is this stress something that is out of my control?” “Why do I feel this way?”

Eat slowly and take time to savor your food

Take time to appreciate the food your eating. Absorb the smells and presentation. Be thankful for the food you have, and get rid of any distractions. Research has shown that it takes 20 minutes for the body to realize it is full. Take your time and be satisfied.

Accept yourself as you are

Weight loss and fitness goals take time. We can be our own worst critic, and having gratitude for the good in your life will help you improve. Take 20 minutes to meditate and think positively. It can inspire you to make better decisions throughout the day.

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