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One of my favorite pantry staples for sipping and tossing into smoothies or other recipes is matcha green tea. Matcha actually contains more nutrients than other forms of green tea and concentrated antioxidants (like EGCG) that support healthy digestion, a healthy immune system, and so much more. It can be hard to find super high-quality matcha that isn’t loaded with contaminants, which is why I was excited to find Sun Goddess Matcha from Pique. It’s made from the highest quality ceremonial-grade matcha, 100% organic, and is even toxin screened for pesticides, heavy metals, toxic mold, and radioactive isotopes. Sun Goddess Matcha actually contains extra l-theanine, thanks to their extended shading process—I love the calm, sustained, jitter-free energy I get when I drink it. Pique has an exclusive offer for my community, use code FITFOODIE at checkout for a 5% off-site-wide discount + free shipping when you purchase a bundle! I highly recommend you try out some of their other teas too.

Pique Tea is the highest quality tea out

FRE Skincare is formulated for active women! All products are vegan and cruelty-free. When you try FRE skincare it is always risk free! You get your money back if you are not satisfied in 30 days. They are constantly running promotions that may range up to 50% off with my code FITFOODIE that gives you an extra 10% off of any promotion they are running! I hope you are subscribed to my mailing list to be the first to know about all of their sales!

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