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The Top 5 Meal Delivery Services for No Meat May

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No Meat May is a month-long campaign encouraging people to try a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. For those interested in giving up meat for the month but short on time, meal delivery services can be a great option. Here are the top 5 meal delivery services for No Meat May.

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About No Meat May

No Meat May Challenge a month-long campaign encouraging people to try a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. The campaign was founded in 2013 by Ryan Alexander and Guy James Whitworth in Australia and has since grown into a global movement. The campaign aims to raise awareness about the impact of meat consumption on the environment, animal welfare, and human health. By challenging people to give up meat for a month, the campaign hopes to inspire long-term lifestyle changes that will benefit the planet and all its inhabitants.

To sign up, register your details on the campaign website. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll receive access to various resources to help you succeed in your meat-free month, including recipes, meal plans, and tips for staying motivated. You can also join the No Meat May community on social media to connect with other participants and share your experiences. By participating in No Meat May, you’ll join a global movement of people committed to creating a more sustainable, compassionate world.

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No Meat May Meal Delivery Options

The Fit Foodie Guide

Purple Carrot

Purple Carrot is a plant-based meal delivery service that offers weekly meal plans for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They use fresh, whole-food ingredients to create delicious, nutrient-dense meals that are easy to prepare. Their meal plans include recipes for roasted vegetable bibimbap and chickpea Caesar salad, and they offer both one-time and subscription options. I tried this in my first challenge, and I loved the recipes. Most recently, they’ve rolled out already prepared meals that you can heat in the microwave. I’ve also seen their meals in the grocery store’s frozen section!

Sun Basket

Sun Basket is a meal delivery service focusing on organic and sustainably sourced ingredients. They offer a vegetarian meal plan that features recipes like spinach and feta stuffed portobello mushrooms and quinoa bowls with roasted vegetables. Customers can choose to receive meals for two or four people, and they offer both one-time and subscription options.

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Thistle Co.

Thistle Co. is a meal delivery service that offers 100% plant-based meals made with organic, seasonal ingredients. They offer a variety of meal plans with internationally inspired flavors. Their meals are ready-to-eat and easily reheated, making them an excellent choice for those short on time. I have used this service, and the meals are delicious! There are so many flavors for everyone’s tastebuds. For more information, read my review, I Tried Thistle Meal Delivery, And Here Is My Honest Review.


Hungryroot is a meal delivery service that focuses on healthy and plant-based meals. They offer various options, including fully prepared meals, snacks, and grocery items. Customers can choose vegetarian and vegan options like sweet potato noodles with creamy cashew sauce and black bean brownie batter. I use this service as well, and the recipes are straightforward to follow. Hungryroot offers flavor combinations that I would not have thought to put together!

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Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest is a plant-based meal delivery service that makes it easy to eat healthy, delicious food daily. They have three different plans: The Classic Plan ($8 per serving), The Veggie Lover’s Plan ($7 per serving), and The Vegan Plan ($6 per serving). These plans include at least five servings of fruit or vegetables daily and two hearty entrees such as lasagna or shepherd’s pie. Other notable items that set them apart are the lattes and plant-based milk.

The best part? You can customize your order! If any specific items aren’t included in your plan but sound good to you (like avocado toast), add them at checkout!

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Whether it is your first time trying No Meat May or you are a seasoned veteran, these resources will help make the month easier. These services are excellent choices if you’re looking for fully prepared meals or want to cook your plant-based dishes; they have it all. Deciding what to eat is half the battle; outsourcing this burden will make it a seamless process.

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