My Top 15 Health and Wellness Products to Transform Your Lifestyle

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I always tell you health is your wealth, so investing in it makes all of the difference. It saves you money in the long run! Although I already went over how investing in your health saves you money, I did not share the what. Here are my top 15 health and wellness products to transform your lifestyle.

*Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself, and all opinions expressed here is my own. This post may contain affiliate links that I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. Read the full privacy policy here.

The Girlfriend Collective

Wellness for the earth and yourself by shopping with the girlfriend collective. Their clothing is sustainably made with recycled materials and supports an ethical work environment for their clothing makers. I love their workout sets!

FRE Skincare

FRE skincare is formulated for active women! Protect Me is the product I use for my daily SPF. Another one with sustainability tied to their brand. For every set purchased, FRE skincare plants an Argan tree in Morocco. Not only does it help replenish the endangered Argan forest in Morocco, but it supports the women who harvest the Argan oil. Score a discount with my code FITFOODIE on every purchase.

Pique Tea

As a daily matcha drinker, I’ve searched high and low for one that meets my standards for quality, purity, and taste. I can honestly say that Sun Goddess Matcha from Pique is the best matcha ever.

Pique Tea is the highest quality tea out there. Click for a discount!

Not only is Sun Goddess Matcha 100% Organic and Ceremonial Grade, but it’s also quadruple toxin screened for heavy metals, pesticides, toxic mold, AND radioactive isotopes. You won’t find another matcha with such strict standards to ensure the ultimate purity for daily drinking. This matcha has sold out eight times, so I suggest you get your hands on one before it’s gone! Use my code FITFOODIE for a discount!

Happy Viking

Happy Viking is a new brand by Venus Williams of Ready to Drink Plant-based protein shakes. They are very delicious and have high amounts of protein. Currently, there are two flavors vanilla bean and triple chocolate. Try them for a discount with my code HVFOODIE.


LigthStimR is a beauty tool that helps to nourish your skin from the inside out. Fight signs of aging with this red light technology. You deserve glowing skin!

Heated Back Massager

This back massager has been a lifeline for me, especially when I am incredibly sore from my workouts. It’s like your own masseuse! I usually don’t get massages because I am very ticklish, but this back massager does the trick for me!

NutriBullet Slow Juicer

The NutriBullet Slow Juicer is my newest wellness gadget that makes making homemade juice so much easier. I always would loathe making juice because it was so tedious! The slow juicer makes a higher yield of juice with less clean-up and less noise! Click here to watch my product review!

Bum Bum Jet Set

The Bum Bum Jet Set is something I take with me on all of my vacations, especially in tropical climates. The cream smooths my skin and leaves me moisturized all day.

P.Volve Essentials Kit

Working out at home is a top fitness trend for 2021, and it is not going anywhere. P.volve provides low-impact classes for a great workout at home or anywhere. Each kit comes with on-demand class access!

Fabletics sets

Everyone knows I LIVE in fabletics for my workout clothes. I love that as a VIP member, you get a generous discount on clothing each month, AND if you join during a sale period, you can get a whole new fitness wardrobe for up to 70% off. I love their biker shorts and seamless activewear.

B Mat

As someone who indulges in yoga, B Mat is a mat that allows you to have an excellent grip when you’re hot and sweaty is essential. The long-lasting material is worth it!

Mini Theragun

Being sore is the worst after a hard workout. I like using a theragun to help break up the buildup in my muscles that causes pain. The mini theragun is perfect to fit in your gym bag.

Cloud Flow Sneakers

Cloud flow sneakers are trendy right now with runners and regular gym-goers. For one, they are lightweight and fave a spring foam that feels like you are floating.

Ankle Weights

If you want to add a calorie burn to your lower-impact activities like walking or yoga, it helps add weight. Bala is a more stylish version of the old strapped weight filled with sand. They have fun colors and are very chic.

USB Portable Fan

I bet you did not think of a fan as a health and wellness product, but it is! This USB portable fan is something I have with me everywhere in my purse. One of the gyms I attend regularly is very hot inside, especially in the summer. I pop this into my phone to help me cool off a little bit in between sets. It’s also beneficial at the beach!

Did you see something you liked? Click the photo for the link to jumpstart your self-care routine with these health and wellness products.

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