How Regular Exercise Improves Your Sex Life

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So if you are looking for another reason to exercise regularly, I have a great one for you—a better sex life. Yes, exercise improves your sex life in many ways. Here is how regular exercise improves your sex life and the science to back it!

Gives You Stamina

When you exercise, it improves your exercise capacity, giving you the stamina to keep going, making you last longer in the bedroom. There is a reason why doctors say that you should have a healthy heart for exercise, it’s work! In addition, regular strength training increases testosterone in men and women. This may boost your sex drive.

Acts as a Natural Viagra

In men, regular exercise reduces erectile problems. Exercise boosts your heart rate helping your blood flow more efficiently. When you have a strong heart, it increases the rate your blood travels to those desired areas during sex. In a study on middle-aged men, they took sedentary men and enrolled them in an exercise program for nine months. With more exercise completed, the men reported improved sexual activity, function, and better satisfaction.

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For women, regular exercise increases arousal, sexual satisfaction, and desire than inactive women. One study found the improved desire for sex can occur after just one exercise session. Overall regular exercise may improve the intensity and frequency of orgasms because of the increased muscle strength of the pelvic floor and core muscles, activating a better experience for both parties.

Better Self-Image

Regular exercise leads to a better body image which translates to your sex life. There is no standard when it comes to body image. It’s whatever makes you feel the most confident. When you are satisfied with your body, you will feel more comfortable and desirable in the bedroom. Overall, regular exercise increases the feel-good hormones putting you in a better mood, so you might want to plan exercise around desired sexual activities.

The Best Exercises for the Bedroom

Kegel Exercises

Not only do Kegel Exercises assist with bladder control, but they help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. This is a benefit for both men and women. Kegel exercises can increase sexual pleasure through a more incredible orgasm sensation and reduce premature ejaculation in men.


Yoga is a great way to increase flexibility and improve blood flow for more fun in the bedroom, but I bet you did not realize it could improve premature ejaculation. One study used yoga as a treatment for premature ejaculation, and participants showed an improvement in PE. In addition, there are specific types of yoga that are primarily associated with sex.

Core Exercises

Exercises to strengthen the core are beneficial in helping you hold your body weight and stabilize the body in awkward positions during sexual activity. This will help you keep things spicy in the bedroom when you want to look for more advanced options.


Swimming is studied to improve the pelvic floor muscles and improve your sexual experience. In addition, according to a Harvard study, male and female swimmers in their 60s had the sex life of someone in their 40s.

Some Things to Remember

I know you might be asking yourself, is sex a form of exercise? The answer is kind of. One study researched 20 young heterosexual couples and compared their sexual activity to regular exercise. Overall, it outputted a modest caloric intake of about 3.5 calories per minute. For a 10 minute session, you are only looking at 35 calories.

Overall I think we can prove that on top of the apparent benefits of exercise for improved physical health, aging, body composition, and mental health, regular activity improves your sex life. However, be careful of overtraining. With the added benefits of regular exercise, training too much has the opposite effect.

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