5 Surprisingly Fit Cities Around The World

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When you think of fitness, I bet these cities around the world do not come to mind. Based on my personal experience traveling, I found these cities to be very fit. My reason behind these selections is based on the food variety offered, non-gym-based activities, and walk-ability. Here are five surprisingly fit cities around the world.

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Bogota, Colombia

The country of Colombia is still synonymous with the narcos of the 80s and 90s, but you would be surprised at how fit the capital is. Bogota surprised me when I visited there in 2020. Most notably, everyone was riding a bike! I did not know cycling was the sport of choice for this city, which is evident with the residents.

I was surprised to learn that Colombia has produced many tour de France contenders, fueling their obsession with cycling. On Sundays, the city center shuts down to allow cycling on the streets. On the weekends, cycle enthusiasts take on the big Monserrate Hill and challenge themselves to the peak. It was fun to see all the cyclists.

In addition, the hiking options were endless from beautiful waterfalls, to tough heights in the cloud forest you will not need a gym is this fit city!

Rome, Italy

Although Rome is known for its heavy pasta, wine, and pizza, there is a reason why the people are so fit. They walk everywhere. When I visited the city, it was so walk-able you burn off the calories from the food you ate quickly. We rarely used car share services or public transportation because there was something to see on every block. Even the ancient structures require a bit of walking, so you were continuously increasing your steps. Make sure you ditch the car and wear comfortable shoes!

Marrakesh, Morocco

Marrakesh is a bustling city with a maze of a Medina. It’s easy to spend a day getting lost in all of the shops. I loved how healthy and fresh the food was in Marrakesh! There were so many options for different diets, with most dishes including an array of fresh vegetables. I ate so healthily when I visited, and they offer various natural wellness products. Here you can find argan oil at a low cost, mint tea known for numerous wellness benefits, and other spices/herbs with known medicinal uses.

On top of the food, Marrakesh is close to the Atlas mountains. Take a day tour exploring and hiking up the mountain to see how traditionally the Berber people live there. We even had the opportunity to try fresh-squeezed orange juice from freshly running spring water off the mountain. It doesn’t get any more organic than that!

Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City, Mexico, is another fit city that is highly walk-able with healthy food options. When you think of traditional Mexican dishes, most think of tacos, beans, and rice. Mexico City, Mexico, has many innovative culinary choices to help you branch out. We stayed in the middle of the city, which had several healthy options within a five-block radius. Adjacent to the city, is the notable ancient structures of the Tenochtitlan pyramids of ancient Mexico City. One great benefit of these pyramids is you can climb to the top of the sun pyramid. It’s the 3rd largest pyramid in the world which makes for a great challenge.

San Jose, Costa Rica

Rounding out the fit cities around the world is San Jose, Costa Rica. San Jose offers many active tours to participate in during your visit. From rain forest hikes to water activities, there is always something to do here. My favorite thing was exploring the coffee farms and actively participating in the coffee-making process. San Jose offered so much scenic views and walking; I didn’t even miss the gym. Finally, the availability of fresh tropical fruits and vegetables gave me the energy I needed to conquer the day.

Did this list of fit cities surprise you? These destinations are all chosen based on my experience, so your idea of a fit city may differ. For me, any location that provides various activities and healthy options are perfect in my book.

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