Why Juicy Crunch Tangerines are the Fruit You Need This Winter

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Juicy Crunch Tangerines are known for their juiciness and incredibly sweet taste. I bet you did not realize that tangerines can be your secret weapon this winter. With the colder temperatures and the high season for seasonal illness, the tangerine can be your best defense this season. 

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What is the Juicy Crunch Tangerine?

The juicy crunch tangerine has the highest sweetness of any tangerine on the market and is known for its crisp, juicy nature. It makes the perfect snack with its compact size and easy peel. With minimal seeds and perfectly crisp sections, the juicy crunch is easy to consume on the go. Beyond the taste, here is why tangerines are great for your health.

Boost Immunity and Health

Tangerines are high in antioxidants which are great for preventing free radicals in the body, which may be responsible for developing chronic conditions. In addition, tangerines are rich in antioxidants which protect your body from viruses and bacteria. Vitamin C in tangerines is known to help fight against the common cold because it boosts immune cells to help fight off infections. One tangerine contains 26% of your daily value of vitamin C.

Tangerine Peels and Health

Beyond the internal contents, the peel has vast benefits because it contains a super flavonoid (or antioxidant) called tangeretin. According to a study, the super flavonoid of the peel is a natural alternative for lowering cholesterol. Other notable benefits of using the peel are anti-cancer, high blood sugar reduction, and reduced cold/flu symptoms. To receive the benefits of the peel, most dry it out and make it into tea. Simply break the peel into pieces and let it steep in hot water.


With the harsh environmental conditions in the winter, we must pay attention to our skin. The high amount of vitamin C in the tangerines assists with collagen production, and collagen promotes skin elasticity and helps to reduce signs of aging. Finally, the high amounts of antioxidants in tangerines block free radicals from producing cellular damage in your skin. 

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In addition to high amounts of vitamin C, tangerines have high levels of vitamin A. Vitamin A improves pimple reduction and promotes skin tissue rebuilding. In addition, vitamin A produces retinol, which stimulates new skin cells keeping your skin moist. These benefits help reduce the signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles. One tangerine contains 14% of the daily value of vitamin A which is more than its bigger counterpart, the orange.

Assists in weight loss

Tangerines have high amounts of fiber which aids in weight loss. Increasing your fiber during weight loss helps you feel more satisfied, and therefore it helps regulate your appetite. In addition, vitamin A in tangerines helps with nutrient absorption and digestion, keeping your metabolism firing. 

A perfect healthy snack

A medium tangerine is only 50 calories and 12 grams of carbohydrates. Tangerines are small and compact, making them perfect on the go. The Juicy crunch tangerine peels easily with no mess so that you can enjoy a filling snack without the guilt. The high amount of water keeps you hydrated and helps you maintain your water intake throughout the day.

Easy to add to your diet

Other than an easy snack, tangerines are versatile in your diet. Here are some easy ways to incorporate the health benefits of tangerines every day. 

  • Cut the slices and place them into a salad
  • Juice them 
  • Squeeze the juice and add them to a cocktail
  • Add tangerines to a citrus glaze for fish or meat

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