The Best 15 Wellness Travel Essentials You Need to Bring in Your Carry-On

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Traveling is bigger than ever, and you must ensure you have all the wellness travel essentials. If you are an avid international traveler like me, it can get crazy in the airports, so having wellness travel essentials is crucial. Because I’m not particularly eager to check bags, here are the best 15 wellness travel essentials you need to bring in your carry-on.

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Antibacterial wipes

I don’t know about you, but post-pandemic, I am more aware of my surroundings regarding sanitation. Even when areas appear clean, I always go back over them for peace of mind. Before hitting a plane seat, I use my portable wipes to wipe out any germs left by the previous passenger.

Daily Sunscreen

I don’t know if you knew this; Yes, Melanated People Need Sunscreen Too. Most of the time, I already wear a daily sunscreen below my makeup built into my moisturizer. When traveling, I find myself out all day in warm climates, and being exposed to those sun rays can be dangerous, so I will always bring a travel-sized sunscreen in my bag. Here are some of my favorites:


Fre Skincare Protect Me is my go-to facial SPF because it is formulated for active women and gives back to the local community in morocco. By buying this product, you support women to make a living and save the planet.


Alba Botanica is an inexpensive sunscreen that is good for the environment, plant-based, and water resistant for up to 80 hours. This one is clear, so it won’t leave a white film on your body!

Travel Neck Pillow

I cannot go without a neck pillow on long-haul flights. Airlines give you a pillow, but I find they are not as effective as a memory foam neck pillow for comfort. You want to be rested when you arrive at your destination, so a travel neck pillow is wellness travel essential.

Propolis spray

Propolis throat spray is natural immune support, and you can use propolis for sore throat issues. Traveling in tight spaces can open you up for viral infections, so this spray high in antioxidants can support you, and it’s made from natural ingredients. The small size is perfect for your carry-on.

Eye Patches

Whether you’re traveling in a different time zone or have an action-packed itinerary, you will want to look refreshed for capturing memories through your photos. I always carry under-eye patches to help hydrate my eyes and remove any circles. Here are some of my favorites.

Travel Yoga Mat

Depending on how long I will be away, I will bring a travel yoga mat. I like to start or end the day with gentle yoga, meditation, or stretching to prepare my body for the day. A lightweight mat allows me to set up for my practice quickly, and it’s one of my top wellness travel essentials.

Downloaded Workouts From my Obe Fitness App

Internet access is not always strong or available when traveling. I have an app on my wellness travel essentials list for an easy way to work out on the go. I make sure to have my favorite workouts from Obe Fitness downloaded on my app to do wherever I am. I like the quick 10-15 minute stretches to loosen up my body for the day ahead. You can download up to 7 workouts in the app to do offline. You can use code HEATHER50 for 50% off your first month.

Travel Sized Packs of Pique Life

I like to keep up some of my daily routines when I travel, including my everyday pique life, teas, and beverages. Save money on going to the cafe daily, and bring it with you. These small serving wellness travel essentials take up little space and help me maintain my internal skincare routine. Here are the best ones to try, and my code FITFOODIE gets you a discount!


Pu’er Black Tea has pre and pro-biotics to support gut and digestive health, which is vital while traveling and eating foods you are not used to. The calming energy gets you started for a packed day ahead.


Sun Goddess Matcha gives you that needed energy boost if you are feeling jet lagged and boosts your metabolism to support all the uptick in the food you may be eating. Plus, the ceremonial grade matcha contains nutrients to support immunity and your liver’s detoxification.


Reishi Calm Elixer helps you wind down from an active day of exploring, and its adaptogenic properties help relieve stress and anxiety to clear the mind for a good night’s rest.


B·T Fountain is a beauty electrolyte drink powder that hydrates you from within and helps fight the brain fog you might feel with information overload while navigating a new city. It also tastes great!

Travel Size Razor

I always carry a mini travel size razor with me for easy grooming on the go. Many of the razors I bring come with a gel or cream, so you don’t have to worry about getting anything extra.

Flushable Wipes

I’ve been to many countries where the toiler paper in the public bathrooms was either unavailable, or you had to pay to use it. Not to mention the quality could not be up to par with my needs. That’s why I always bring my own wipes to avoid any issues.

Silk/Satin Pillowcase

I always bring an extra silk or satin pillowcase with me. I must keep my curls intact while traveling, and the satin pillowcases are better for your skin. I find the standard size fits most pillows wherever I stay.

Healthy Snacks

I need snacks to get through my travel and day when I know I have long excursions. I prefer pre-packaged snacks I know and love to help me avoid the expensive snack costs in the airport or guesswork in an unfamiliar country. I often schedule some hiking or active tour that may leave long periods without eating. I usually bring protein or fruit bars or packaged nuts. These curb my appetite and help me stay on track while traveling. Here are my favorites:

Portable Electric Toothbrush

This inexpensive Samseel electric toothbrush is lightweight, waterproof, and has batteries for easy transport. I like how it has its own cover to keep it sanitary. It comes in a pack of two, so if you have a travel companion, you both will be covered.

Comfortable Shoes

Don’t get caught hiking in flip-flops! I was on a hiking tour with someone who hiked up a volcano in flip-flops. Don’t injure yourself while on vacation, and remember to bring a good pair of shoes for walking all day. If space is tight, try a pair of shoes that can double as casual shoes and are small enough to fit in your bag. Here are two types that I bring.

Mini Medical Kit

Be prepared for anything while traveling; whether it’s minor scrapes or dietary stomach issues, be equipped so you don’t have to waste time navigating a pharmacy. Besides bringing any prescribed medications, here are some items to include.

  • Anti-nausea medication
  • Asprin or ibuprofen
  • Band-aids
  • Gastrointensinal medication
  • Masks
  • Or grab an already assembled compact kit

Just because you are on vacation doesn’t mean you must ditch your wellness routine altogether. Hopefully, by bringing along these wellness travel essentials in your carry-on, you can have a seamless transition away from home.

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