I Tried Thistle Meal Delivery, And Here Is My Honest Review

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With a busy and active lifestyle, any opportunity to outsource services to help you reach your goals is critical. Thistle meal delivery is an excellent option if you’re looking for an easy way to eat more plants or make your life easier. I tried it myself, and here’s my honest review. The food is delicious, and it’s really easy to use. Plus, anything that makes it easier for me to eat more plant-based foods is a win in my book. Keep reading for everything you need to know about Thistle meal delivery.

This post contains affiliate links, and I am an ambassador for Thistle and co. I receive a commission should you decide to sign up for Thistle.

What is Thistle?

Thistle meal delivery offers a globally inspired plant-based menu designed by nutritionists and chefs. Beyond meals, they offer snacks and cold-pressed juices to complete your weekly diet while helping you to save time and money on food and meal prep.

Here are more facts about Thistle:

  • The meals are always fresh and free of dairy, gluten, and other processed food additives. 
  • All of the meals are nutrient-dense foods containing vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, legumes, whole grains, and healthy plant-based fats with flavorful spices and herbs.
  • They accommodate major allergies and religious-based dietary restrictions.
  • Meal subscription plans are customizable and flexible, with convenient delivery frequency.
  • Deliveries are made in sustainable packaging. This helped prevent millions of pounds of CO₂ emissions from entering the atmosphere. 

Where Does Thistle Deliver?

Thistle is rapidly expanding across the east coast. Currently, they deliver locally to the San Francisco Bay Area, Napa & Sonoma, Sacramento, Davis, Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Cruz, Orange County, Inland Empire, Ventura County, Palm Springs, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, Las Vegas, Portland, Seattle-Tacoma, New York City, Philadelphia and parts of New Jersey. Thistle can also ship across California and to parts of Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, and Washington.

My Experience With Thistle Meal Delivery

Delivery Day

When I received my food box, it was packed in two boxes with recyclable material. I was impressed by the packaging and the labeling of the meals, and I liked how it told you what meals to eat when with dates and calorie counts. The packaging makes it easier to take it on the go or arrange it in your refrigerator.

Food Options

The food options are very unique with global inspiration. There are some foods that I did not think I would like, but the flavor combinations made me devour them wanting more. What sets Thistle apart from other meal services is the variety. They give you breakfasts, snacks, juices, wellness shots, and desserts. This is the most diversity I have seen with a meal delivery service. Finally, they give you recommendations on how best to eat the food.

Meal Reviews

I can honestly say I liked everything I tasted, and the meals also stayed fresh into the second week. If you want to know what the meals tasted like, here are some breakdowns of the food I had from my thistle meal delivery.

Adobo Rice & Veg Bowl with Adobo Pinto Beans

This was recommended to be served heated on the skillet, and I was apprehensive about how it would taste because pinto beans are not my favorite. With an open mind, I heated it in the skillet and used the chipotle ranch dressing. This was one I devoured! It was so good and opened my mind to other food options.

Intense Greens Cold Pressed Juice

I like my greens with a bit of sweetness, so I was curious how the intense greens would taste. The only citrus flavor was lime. This did not taste too earthy and was easy to drink.

Persephone’s Salad with Herb Garbanzo Beans

This was probably my favorite salad. I love a crunchy salad with pickled onions and vibrant flavors; it was delicious to eat.

Tahini- Java Smoothie Bowl

I devoured this post-workout, and it was so delicious it tasted like a dessert. I liked the packaging because it made it easy to take on the go! They separated the toppings from the smoothie contents, so everything stayed fresh.

Almond Cherry Moringa Fudge

Another flavorful option but this time as a snack. This snack uses only ingredients you can pronounce that are primarily organic. If you have a sweet tooth, this helps you combat that craving and feel guilt-free.

Moroccan Roasted Veggie Salad with Garbanzo Beans

My 2nd favorite salad! I loved the dark leafy greens paired with the spice blends that reminded me of Moroccan food. The dressing was delicious too!

Kimchi ‘Fried’ Rice with Sesame Edamame

Another crunchy, warm dinner. I loved the flavor combinations with this dish, which was very filling. I would not have thought to put this food combination together, opening my eyes to new foods.

More time for other things

Because I outsourced my meals for the week and beyond, it left more time to accomplish other things. As someone working from home, it was much easier to eat better with the food already prepared and labeled out by meal. I also saved myself gas and travel time to the grocery store, and there was no excuse not to eat healthily.

Why You Should Try Thistle Meal Delivery

Overall, Thistle meal delivery opens your eyes to different foods while keeping you healthy. I had so much more energy eating these 100% plant-based meals, with my skin glowing all week. If you have difficulty eating more healthy foods or are too busy, consider Thistle a viable option. Of course, as a thistle ambassador, I get to offer my readers a direct link to try them for themselves. Click this link and head over to their website to sign up! I hope you like them as much as I did.

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