Top 5 Tampa Restaurants To Visit For Healthy Food

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Beginning a healthy lifestyle journey can be hard when you feel restricted. Meal prepping is great, but sometimes you want to enjoy healthy food outside of the house. I used to avoid restaurants out of the fear of breaking my diet. That mindset was limiting, and it is possible to find healthy food that doesn’t deviate from your goals. Here are my top 5 restaurants I go to for a healthy food experience.
Fresh Kitchen

Fresh Kitchen by the Ciccio restaurant group is a restaurant I frequent several times a month. I was hooked ever since they opened a couple of years ago, now they are blowing up all over Florida! I love that you can control your portions and fit it into a particular diet. You choose your base, vegetables, meat, extras, and sauce for endless combinations. The food is seasoned deliciously, and the service is fast. Every person I have brought here became instant fans for this reason. I even catered lunch for my bridesmaids on my wedding day from here.

Straight Addicting!
Ciccio Cali

Another Cicco restaurant group concept has an expanded menu with bowls, wraps, and more. I visit the Cali location in South Tampa the most. My favorite dish to order is the Spicy Brazilian. It is customizable with the protein and the grain options. You can use plant-based protein or swap the grain for greens. Try their wellness lattes for a healthy boost. I love the Blue Dream Chai infused with CBD oil to unwind after a busy week. If you’re looking for a healthy brunch option, they offer that too!

Spicy Brazilian Bowl
Blue Dream Chai


Zukku Sushi

Sushi is an excellent option for eating out while staying on track, but it depends on what you order. I like Zukku sushi because you can customize a bowl. Are you sensing a trend? Restaurants that let you customize what your eating is always a safe bet because you’re in control. From a sushi burrito to a salad, the choice is yours on how far you want to take it. I like to “express myself” as they say it with a poke bowl. With the location inside armature works, the line can be long, so take your time deciding on the perfect edible work of art.

Okay, this is NOT a healthy option I ordered, but it shows their range 🙂
Bar Taco

Taco Tuesday? No problem, at Bartaco in Hyde Park, Tampa. Yes, you can have tacos without the guilt with lettuce-wrapped tacos. After cycling my heart out across the street at Soul Cycle, I have no problem coming here for a post-workout meal. I know your thinking, most places offer lettuce wraps, why is this different? The simple ingredients coupled with the fresh flavor are a no brainer. Not only do they provide lettuce wraps instead of traditional tortillas, but their sides are guilt-free. I prefer their spicy cucumber salad to boost my post-workout fat burn.

The Nutrition Factory

A hidden gem located inside my regular gym Powerhouse Gym Athletic club in Tampa is open to the public to enjoy. Their menu consists of dietary friendly shakes, bowls, salads, and wraps. The location offers any item customizable with your diet. With the gym attracting professional bodybuilders and sports athletes on strict diets, the ingredients are clean while perfectly seasoned. I found them a lifesaver while prepping for a show. You can even pick up your favorite supplements to keep you ready for your goals.

I like to get ALL the veggies
The Bottom Line

Successful dieting while eating out is all about responsible choices. Do these places offer desserts and higher calorie items? Yes! It is up to you to have the willpower to stay on track with your goals without sacrificing your social life. Remember, when it comes to staying on track, you are the only person standing in your way.


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