Top Fitness Spots to Keep You Interested

My fitness routine is a top priority in my life. Where I choose to get healthy and fit is a significant component of staying consistent. From a range of equipment to challenging workouts to keep me engaged, these locations top my list for a great fitness experience.

Powerhouse Gym Athletic Club

As a bodybuilding competitor, powerhouse gym is a known mecca for aesthetic athletes. With several locations nationally, Powerhouse is a great option if you are are looking for a gym. When I first moved to Tampa, no question about which gym I was joining. I have been a member for over five years now, and I do not see myself going anywhere. Why do I like it so much? 

  1. The atmosphere- With a motivating environment of athletes and competitors pushing their hardest to achieve their goals, there is no choice but to become your best.
  2. The equipment is like a fitness playground. From the booty builder to your traditional treadmill, there are no limits.
  3. Although it is a motivating atmosphere, it is not intimidating. Everyone wants you to be healthy, and if your inexperienced, they offer programs to assist you. 
I trained at Power House for my fitness competitions. It became a second home!
Power Cycle and Fitness

Located in the Riverview area, Power Cycle and Fitness offers an upbeat cycling experience. I like this small business because it is minority-owned and challenging. I live far but a friend introduced me and I fell in love. It is a close distance to downtown Tampa, and worth the drive. Cycling was a class I avoided because it left my butt sore and was mundane. Listening to enticing hip hop music while dancing on a bike, you barely realize how hard your working (no painful butt over here!). Besides the fun, it is an affordable addition to your daily workout routine. The classes range from 30-minute boot camps to 90-minute rides. I have been to the 90-minute rides on Saturday mornings, and they fill up quickly. Please do not shy away from them; it is a party!

Soul Cycle

Soul Cycle is a national chain that has made it’s way to the Hyde Park area of Tampa. Another class that has you up on the bike dancing to the beat of the music. I added this to my weekly routine and quickly saw changes in my physique. No membership offered, but you can buy the class packs. Classes add up but are a worthwhile investment. With that being said, I find it genuinely motivating. The music isn’t all hip hop, however. Regular classes are 45 minutes, and 60-minute classes called survivor. I love taking from Candy Jones and Elle Morris at the Tampa location. I haven’t tried other sites yet!

Bar Method

I have an extensive dance background, so barre classes sparked my interest. Bar Method is a ballet barre class that sculpts your lower half beautifully. I took another barre class before and thought it was sporadic, risking an injury. This one is different. Developed with a physical therapist, and instructors emphasizing proper form, you do not have to worry about injuries. Full transparency, I thought this class would be another stretching class that wasn’t hard. You wear your socks and hold up to 5-pound weights. I enrolled in it pre-wedding because I was wearing a low cut dress. I wasn’t convinced, but they offered me a great deal to start. After my first class, I ended up dripping in sweat! Why is it so challenging? You are using muscle tension against your body weight to get deep in your muscles. I leave sore often! Not only is the Bar Method located in Tampa, but they have several locations throughout the United States. There is even a Bar Method in my hometown of Wexford, Pa (a suburb outside of Pittsburgh). I also convinced my mother to join. You do not have to be a dancer or even highly athletic. I recommend the Bar Method to anyone looking to transform their physique. 

This is Carrie! She teaches at the Wexford location

These fitness businesses are what I incorporate in my weekly workout routine to motivate me. Finding what inspires you to move keeps you committed, leading to a habit of working out. What are your favorite things to do for fitness? Check out my fit foodie finds for tools I use in my workouts!

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