Top 5 Health and Fitness Apps to Keep You on Track

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Maintaining the motivation to stick to your health and fitness goals is a constant effort. It makes it easier when you have everything you need right at your fingertips. Our phones are more than just a communication tool, but have everything we need to function day-to-day. This is true for our fitness goals! I selected my top 5 health and fitness apps I use to help me with my goals.


Avatar Nutrition

Okay, this is not technically an app, but you can save the page to your home screen to make it “app-like.” Avatar takes the guesswork out of creating a diet program. It uses science to build your dream body. For a low monthly fee, it is like a personalized dietician creating your customized macro-based template. Just fill out a profile, and tell them your goals(lose, gain, maintain). They spit out targeted calories and macros to achieve the look you want. Are you eating out or have a name brand food? No problem avatar has an extensive database of name brand foods and restaurant items. You can even scan bar codes to have an accurate calorie count.

Why Avatar is Better

Unlike other similar tracking apps, this changes your targets based on your check-in, so you do not have to guess. For example, if you want to lose weight for an event, you can tell the system how much weight you want to lose(or gain!). It then spits out your goals to hit that target. If you weigh-in and you are losing too rapidly or slowly, it adjusts the calories up or down to keep you on track. Avatar has personally helped me with a reverse diet after a competition. Sometimes competitors fall way off and gain weight rapidly after a show, but with avatar nutrition, it kept me at healthy maintenance.

Fit Bit

The Fitbit app functions with or without a Fitbit device. I like it to help me stay motivated with my fitness goals. I can find my friends on there and have competitions with them. The app makes you more aware of what you are doing weekly with moving. Not only does it track your fitness levels, but it tracks sleep, menstrual cycle, and water. Hello, No more surprise cycles! It lets you set goals for water intake and track how well you are sleeping at night. These numbers can be used as a baseline to alert your doctor about any potential issues you may have.


The MindBody app is my go-to app for scheduling most of my fitness classes. It has been a lifesaver while traveling to find studios in the area to get a great workout in. I can keep track of all the passes I have at various fitness studios across the country. On the main page, there are deals for classes in the area, and it tracks calories from the classes you have taken. I like how it syncs with the health app on the Apple iPhone to output the calories expended in your classes. For business owners, this is an easy way to increase traffic to your health and fitness studios. Mindbody gives you a platform to create your class schedule and collect payments from clients. A win-win for all.

Nike Training Club

As much as I have in my repertoire of exercises, I get stumped every once and a while! Especially while traveling, I may not have everything available for a good workout. Luckily, Nike Training Club by Nike Inc saves me during these times. The Nike Training Club contains 200 plus free and premium exercises to reach your goals. From beginner to advanced, the workout database is for every fitness level. The shortest workout I have done was a 10-minute leg and core HIT that left me drenched in sweat to a 35-minute med ball crush conditioning workout. No equipment? No problem. Many of the workouts are effective without equipment. This is my go-to when I need a quick exercise inspiration!


Okay, yelp is not technically a health and fitness app, BUT it helps me find everything I need to navigate healthy food and new fitness spots. As a six-year member of the yelp elite squad, I take the reviews seriously because I am a foodie after all! I make it my goal to find a healthy option at any restaurant I choose and write about it! I have seen so many hidden fit treasures through this app that made my eating out experience guilt-free. Follow my reviews on yelp if you’re stumped on where to find the best spots!

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